Assembling the Base

This weekend, we were hoping to assemble most of the greenhouse kit, but rain prevented us from getting as far as we wanted to. Still, we got the base done, and that was pretty good.

Things went pretty well before it rained, thanks to some planning ahead. Last weekend, we unpacked all of the boxes (there were eight), and sorted out all of the parts. This helped a LOT - we put like with like, and wrote the part numbers on the boxes. We were also able to see if we were missing anything (we weren't). 

So many parts, so little time.
Then it was time to lay out everything we would need for this part of the project. It seems a little fussy, but it was worth it. We had all the parts we needed and didn't have to go back and dig around for more parts. So far, so good. Working together, we got all the parts together snapped it all in place, and put in some fastening pins to keep everything attached in a few hours.

But then, as often happens on these kinds of jobs, we ran into a bit of a snag. We needed to bolt the base to the foundation so our greenhouse wouldn't fall over, blow away, or shift in the wind and weather.

The heads on the lag bolts we had ordered earlier were too big - there wasn't enough space for the hex bolts and the drill bit to get the bolts into the gap allotted to them. It happens. 
We went shopping for some replacements, but our local hardware store didn't have anything big enough. So we ordered some more and packed it in for the day.

In the end, this wasn't a bad thing - it began raining and didn't stop for most of the rest of the weekend, so it was a good thing we put all our parts and tools away anyhow.

So, all told, at this point, we've completed the foundation, including leveling the ground, putting down a layer of landscape fabric, sand, and then gravel, and then we've built the base for the greenhouse and set that on top of the timbers that surround our foundation. It looks like this:

Next up: The roof, the roof, we're going to assemble the roof. In other news: seeds - will they sprout?

Please tell us what you think? Are you bored, inspired, confused?

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