On Weather Stripping

Oh weather stripping, bane of our existence.

Here's a photo of weather stripping
Necessary evil, sucking up our time. I could probably write an ode to how hard weather stripping is to install, how much it hurts the hands, and how many hours it took to position it around every panel in the greenhouse. But I won't.

I'll just say I'm glad it's done, and grateful to my husband for taking care of it for us.

We've also got the skylights fully installed, and they're designed using a hydraulic hinge with a liquid that expands when it gets warm and opens the window to vent the heat out of the greenhouse. When it cools down, the liquid contracts and the window closes.

Greenhouse with skylight and weather stripping

We're in the home stretch - it's just the doors and then it's time to work on the interior. As soon as the doors are on, we can start moving plants out there, which is timely as nights are starting to get cool.

Bengal cat
In other news, here is a photo of a bengal cat that we have at the animal shelter where I'm a volunteer. She's been adopted, but you can see animals who are available for adoption by visiting www.PetHarbor.com and entering your location.

What's next? An update on our plants, and hopefully some more gratuitous cat.

What's going on in your garden? Please share.

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