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So, who are we and why are we doing this?

As we said in our introductory post, we live in Falls Church, Virginia. We like gardening, and we need to eat our veggies more often. We're just regular people with full-time jobs and a little web content and gardening knowhow.

Building a greenhouse is a major project for us, and we thought we'd share it here with you. It's a bit of a risk - this might be an epic fail.

We're looking forward to extending our growing season into the winter - maybe even getting some tomatoes in December and beets in January.

We want to share what we've learned with you - does transplanting, planting seedlings, growing from seeds, or grafting work best? How much can we really control the temperature? What quality of fruit and flowers will we get? What won't grow in there? 

We'll never be at the front of a Greenpeace march, but we do try to do what we can; we know that vegetables grown without harsh chemicals that didn't travel thousands of miles to get to use are better for the environment.

And while we'll never star in an episode of Doomsday Preppers, we still think it's sensible to provide some of our own food and to have a little food-producing knowhow.

But mostly, gardening makes us happy. It’s deeply satisfying on a spiritual and practical level to nurture living things, and in return, get something from them that nurtures us back. Thanks for reading!

Here we are, in the calm before we started reading the instruction manual....

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