Building the Foundation

We're getting ready to build our greenhouse, but first it needs a proper foundation.

It's important that our greenhouse doesn't blow away in the wind, or sink into the ground. We'll be building some raised beds in there too, and they'll need proper support or they'll collapse.

We're lucky enough to have a good friend who's a landscaper and he helped us to choose a site, level it, and build the foundation. We chose 6x6 pressure treated framing lumber for extra strength and stability, and it will be further strengthened with rebar (steel reinforcing bars) so it won't go anywhere.

Key takeway if you're trying this: We ordered our greenhouse as the foundation was being built, and we waited until we had the base of the greenhouse in hand to do some final measurements for placement. We didn't sink the rebar until we had measured everything again. The manufacturer of our greenhouse provided great specs, but we just wanted to make sure. Measure twice, sink the rebar once - it's good advice.

On choosing the site for the greenhouse: We chose a site near the end of our yard so we wouldn't have a greenhouse in the middle of everything. It will get winter sun, which is what we want. It will be sunny in the summer too, but not as sunny as some parts of our yard. The soil under it is well drained and good quality- though we'll be making it better with raised beds.

Up Next: Finishing the Foundation, and starting to assemble our greenhouse kit!

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