Greenhouse Construction Update - We Have a Structure!

Isn't she lovely? 

We have made a lot of progress this weekend. First, we finished the roof of the greenhouse, which was by far the fussiest part. There were a lot of trim pieces that were hard to attach, and the windows kept sliding around and falling out. But we got it all done eventually. It would have been a lot easier if we had a flat space to work on - maybe like a driveway or something, but we didn't - our property has a bit of a slope.

After that, we put up the wall supports and the side windows. These went in pretty quick, with few problems. After that, we rounded up the neighbors and carried the roof over to place it on top of the walls. We had some adjusting to do, but overall, this was also pretty trouble-free. We think this is going to be a pretty good greenhouse - even without the doors, we can feel a big temperature difference inside and outside.The neighbors are asking for wintertime  hothouse tomatoes already! We  hope we can provide some.

Here's a couple of pics of where we've gotten so far. The structure itself will be done once we've installed the doors. Then, it's time to build the raised beds and put in the plants.

And finally, one last photo. While all of this was going on, our feline plant-sitter was taking good care of our seedlings....

Next post: I'll be providing another seedling update, and some great shots I caught of our outdoor garden.

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