Seedling Update, As Promised

So I promised you a seedling update in my last post. Here's where we're at:

First, the bad news....the seeds I saved from my garden this summer, from cucumbers and arugula, don't seem to be coming up.

I need to be more careful about my seed saving technique next time - maybe I let the seeds get too dried out or something.

But now for good news...the green beans are doing famously. I already had to move them out of the seed starting kit and into bigger pots. I've staked them on sticks from the backyard since I didn't have any short stakes handy and put them in a sunny window, where they will continue to grow while we finish assembling the greenhouse and building the raised beds.

In other news, the beets, tomatoes, carrots, cabbages, and catnip are all coming up.

Even though I overwatered simply everything, my Jiffy seed starting kit was able to handle the drainage issue. I'll definitely be using it again.

The next step will be to thin out the plants - we can't have more than one plant growing in one peat pellet for too much longer.

Today's helpful hint:  It can be really dangerous for your remaining plants to rip the seedlings you want to thin out right out of the dirt. It can upset everything and destroy roots you want to keep. The best thing to do is to simply cut the seedlings you don't want, right at the soil line. If there's no leaves, there's no photosynthesis, and the plant won't continue to grow.

After I've done the thinning, I'll wait for my new plants to grow a little more and then transfer them to pots until the raised beds are ready.

So, what's going on in your garden? Please let me know in the comments.

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