Welcome to Tito's Greenhouse!

So who are we, and why are we blogging?

My name is Leah. I live in Falls Church, Virginia, and I love growing vegetables in my garden.

This fall, my husband and I are putting a greenhouse in our backyard, and we’re going to share the experience with you.

This is pretty advanced gardening for us. Though we’ve had a small vegetable garden for several years now – some herbs and peppers, some tomatoes and a few cucumbers, and a bunch of greens. So, why are we jumping from a 101 level garden to some pretty serious plant-related activity?

Starting the foundation of the greenhouse
Getting started.
  • It was my birthday, and my husband said "Do you want a greenhouse?" and I said, "Yes!" It's something we've been thinking about for a while now.
  • We eat healthier when we provide some of our own food. 
  • We need to eat healthier, big time – we could be in better shape and we're not getting any younger. 
  • We’re not survivalists or doomsday preppers, but we know that food is getting more expensive, especially the healthy kind. This year’s drought also means that prices will continue to rise.
  • If we can grow great-tasting tomatoes in December, we’ll be over the moon. Plus, my dad will be really, really excited. 
  • While it’s better for the environment for us to eat organic greens grown without pesticides, it’s not so great if those greens have to travel thousands of miles to get to us. 
  • Maybe we’re just gluttons for punishment. 
  • But mostly, gardening makes us happy. It’s deeply satisfying on a spiritual and practical level to nurture living things, and in return, get something from them that nurtures us back. 

Thanks for following us on this journey. We’re planning to walk you through the building and layout of the greenhouse, plus all the growing of lovely, lovely green things. If it all works out, there will be recipes and gardening tips too.

For the curious, Tito is our cat and we named the blog (and the greenhouse) for him. We'll be growing some catnip for him in there along with some tomatoes, carrots, greens, and other goodies. 

Here's Tito, catting around.

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